Meaning of Pursuant to This Agreement

When it comes to legal documents, even seemingly simple phrases can hold a great deal of weight. One such phrase that you may come across in contracts or agreements is “pursuant to this agreement.” But what exactly does this phrase mean and why is it important?

At its most basic level, “pursuant to this agreement” simply means in accordance with or as a result of the terms outlined in the agreement. It’s a way of indicating that any actions or decisions being made are based on the provisions established in the contract.

For example, let’s say two businesses are entering into a partnership and have signed a contract outlining the terms of their agreement. If one of the businesses wants to hire a third party vendor to help with a particular aspect of the partnership, they may need to check if that action is “pursuant to this agreement.” If the contract specifies that any third party involvement must be approved by both parties before being initiated, then the business would need to seek approval before moving forward.

Using “pursuant to this agreement” can serve as a helpful reminder to all parties involved that the terms outlined in the contract are binding and should be followed closely. It can also be used to establish a clear paper trail in the event of any legal disputes related to the agreement.

However, it’s important to note that “pursuant to this agreement” should not be used as a catch-all phrase for any action or decision related to the contract. If a particular action or decision is not specifically addressed in the agreement, then it cannot be considered “pursuant to” the contract.

In conclusion, “pursuant to this agreement” is a straightforward phrase that indicates actions or decisions being made in accordance with the terms outlined in a legal document. As a professional, it’s important to understand the significance of this phrase in order to accurately and effectively communicate the intent of the agreement.

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