The Handshake Seals the Contract Depeche Mode

“The Handshake Seals the Contract” – Depeche Mode`s Take on Making an Agreement

When it comes to business dealings, there are many ways to seal a deal. Some will go for a verbal agreement, while others prefer a signed contract. However, for the British band Depeche Mode, they believe that “the handshake seals the contract.”

Depeche Mode is a band known for their thought-provoking lyrics and unique sound. In their 1981 album Speak & Spell, the band released a track titled “The Meaning of Love,” which includes the line, “The handshake seals the contract from the contract, there`s no turning back.”

This line suggests that a handshake is a symbol of agreement and commitment between two parties. It implies that once a handshake is made, there is no turning back from the agreement that was made.

But what makes a handshake so significant in sealing a deal? For starters, a handshake is a physical gesture that shows sincerity and trust. It`s an act of goodwill that signifies a mutual understanding between two parties.

Additionally, a handshake is a simple yet powerful way to establish a connection between two individuals. It`s an opportunity to make a positive impression and to communicate respect, which can go a long way in building a successful business relationship.

But in today`s digital age, is a handshake still relevant? Despite the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, a handshake remains an important part of the business world. While it may not always be possible to shake hands in person, the gesture can still be made virtually through video calls.

Furthermore, a handshake is not just limited to sealing business deals. It`s also a common practice in networking events, job interviews, and even social gatherings. In these settings, a handshake is a way to break the ice and establish a connection with a new person.

In conclusion, Depeche Mode`s “The Handshake Seals the Contract” is a powerful statement on the significance of a handshake in sealing a deal. While it may seem like a simple gesture, a handshake represents trust, commitment, and respect between two parties. So, the next time you`re making a business deal or meeting someone new, don`t underestimate the power of a handshake. It could be the key to your success.

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