Malaysia Investment Guarantee Agreements

Malaysia Investment Guarantee Agreements: Understanding the Basics

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country with a thriving economy that has attracted investors from around the world. However, investing in any country comes with its own set of risks, and Malaysia is no exception. To help mitigate these risks, Malaysia offers investment guarantee agreements to investors.

What are Investment Guarantee Agreements?

Investment guarantee agreements are contracts between the government of Malaysia and foreign investors that provide assurance and protection for their investments. These agreements guarantee that the government will provide compensation to foreign investors in case of damage, loss, or expropriation of their investments due to political risk factors.

Political risk factors include things like war, revolution, nationalization, and political violence. By signing an investment guarantee agreement, foreign investors can protect their investments against these risks, which can ultimately provide them with greater financial security and peace of mind when investing in Malaysia.

What Do Investment Guarantee Agreements Cover?

Investment guarantee agreements typically cover the following aspects of foreign investments:

1. Expropriation: Investment guarantee agreements provide protection against expropriation or nationalization of foreign investments by the Malaysian government. If the government takes control of foreign investments, the agreement guarantees that investors will be compensated.

2. Political violence: Political instability can pose a risk to foreign investors in Malaysia. Investment guarantee agreements protect investors against losses resulting from political violence.

3. Transfer and convertibility: Investment guarantee agreements ensure that foreign investors can transfer funds and assets in and out of Malaysia without restrictions. This means that investors can repatriate their profits from Malaysia without facing any obstacles.

4. Breach of contract: Investment guarantee agreements also protect investors against any breach of contract by the Malaysian government or its agencies.

Benefits of Investment Guarantee Agreements

Foreign investors who sign investment guarantee agreements can reap several benefits, including:

1. Protection against political risk: Political risk is a significant concern for foreign investors, especially in developing countries like Malaysia. Investment guarantee agreements provide investors with protection against political risk, which can give investors greater confidence in their investments.

2. Peace of mind: Knowing that their investments are protected against political risk can provide investors with peace of mind.

3. Increased investment: Investment guarantee agreements can also encourage greater foreign investment in Malaysia. With the additional assurance provided by the agreements, foreign investors may be more willing to invest in the Malaysian economy.


Investment guarantee agreements are essential for foreign investors interested in investing in Malaysia. These agreements provide protection against political risk and increase the confidence of foreign investors. By providing greater assurance to investors, investment guarantee agreements can help attract additional foreign investment to Malaysia.

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